Armour from the Warring States Period to the Yuan Dynasty

Warring States period (476 -221 BC);
bronze helmet and iron helmet

Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BC) Terracotta Warrior
with simulated bronze lamellar armour

Qin Dynasty ceremonial helmet and armour plates (made of limestone)

Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) mural painting of Imperial Guards in armour

12th Century Chinese painting of Song Dynasty (960 -1279) heavy cavalry. Notice that the horses are also heavily armoured

Mongol Yuan Dynasty (late 13th century) brigandine armour, used during the Mongol invasions
of Japan and preserved at the Mongol Invasion Museum, Japan

Yuan Dynasty helmet, probably belonging to a high-ranking officer or general involved in the Mongol invasions of Japan.
Note the 4-clawed dragon chasing the luminous pearl. Preserved at the Mongol Invasion Museum, Japan